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Happy Mother's Day
Posted On 09/05/2010 09:06:29

Its been so long since I haven't written anything for nkut. Ofcourse it doesnt mean that I write very well. Its always good to see new writers coming in and doing good work. I know asusual I sound like Grandma but I like to talk about reality. Apart from my other personality that is completely based on fiction, I like showing reality in easy words. I thought a special day to return back to blogging. Thats ofcourse Mother's Day.

How is it not possible that I don't appreciate my mother this day. So here I am praising her with all my heart. She did a lot for me...

I am an engineer now, near to the age when she brought me in this world. Doing all sorts of stuff which young girls do(that doesnt mean too young, am 24 now :D). Wearing stylish clothes, working, going to parties, enjoying, eating out, wearing good jewels. But when I was young, I never saw my mum doing all this, doing all the stuff I do now. Can you imagine, she sacrificed all her enjoyment for me. She stayed at home during my school test and didn't go to the wedding of her closest relative, she didn't go to some important occasions of her family because I was ill. She gave me her jewels while going to a party and went without any jewels. She never wore stylish, heavy clothes while going to any party because I was in a habit to sleep in her lap in car....

And me....

I still say, mum you are old fashioned, you dont know anything, you dont know how to meet people, how can I take you to meet my friends. Why am I saying this and doing all this when she limited her social network just to brought me up... to make me what I am now. For which every one look at me and congratulate me for what I am. Is it my hardwork????

No, its her working on me not mine. And look how ungrateful I am, I think by just writing a blog, I can thank everything she did....

How foolish of me, how foolish of me.....

Parents, especially mum is a gift of Allah. We should take care of them, we should not only praise them on mother's day but everyday. Even if they scold us, we should ignore that. Because, she has the right to do everything. If you haven't still let your mum know how pretty and nice she is go and tell her at once.

My mum is the most prettiest, nicest in the world, She is the best MUm. And I wont say it just now but every day. and would make her feel it everyday too.

And today, I really confess, whatever I am , I am coz of my dearest Mom.


Happy Mother's Day....

Posted On 15/06/2009 01:01:10

I and most of us think that Allah never answers our prayers.

How many of us will say it's not true. May be all believers will say that. But you ever thought that you or anyone in many problems of life must have said that...

Think about it.


I myself said it several times. How much un forgetful we are. We never consider what we are blessed with, and always trying to get better, we are so impatient. We always think about Allah when we need something and we want it fast. If we don't get it( which is not true because sooner or later Allah listens to our prayers and has something wonderful for us) we get hyper and impatient.


Always remember that patience is necessary in prayers.

Anger vanishes our prayers and good deeds. Don't be angry after you have prayed for something ever..

Now look how wrong have I mentioned. It should be like don't be angry EVER.



So we were talking about Du’a

I came to a lot of conclusions and methods of how to offer Du’a in a respectable manner during my search.

In my opinion its most important to make Du’a after every Namaz. In this manner we would also have a habit of offering prayers and never leaving it just for once.

Secondly after reading Quran. A short Du’a must also be done after that. Since our lives are so busy and we do not have much time. It is not necessary to make a long Du’a after every Namaz. A short but everyday Du’a might work.

Apart from that there must be a long Du’a but for that one need to be alone and free from any tension. The best time I think for such Du’a is the time of Tahajjud Prayers.


Let me share the ways I have came through while searching for ways of doing Du’a. Also let me tell the way in which we are praying is important in the sense that you must have ajz-o-inkisari, asking for forgiveness and praying in a respectful way. If these points are fulfilled no matter what way you opt for your Du’a, it would be fulfilled on its time. Its just trust that you had to have on Allah.


Short Du’a:


After every namaz


   1. Prostrate youself as in the manner of Sudjood (i.e. with your forehead on the ground)

   2. Say “Subhaan Allah” (Glory be to God)

   3. Invoke blessings on the Prophet (SAW) by saying “Salalaho Alai Muhammad” (Peace be upon Muhammad)

   4. Then say “Astaghfir Ul Allah” (Allah Forgive Me) ten times

   5. Then make your Du’a

   6. And finally say Ameen, Alhamdulillahir Rabbil Alameen


Long Du’a


The other way for prayer is a little bit different. One has to sit in a quiet place and focus on nothing. Keep your mind blank.

When you are relaxed and nothing is in your mind focus that you are present in Allah Bargah and he is bestowing his blessings upon you. Stay with this feeling and start listening to Surah Rehman

with the same feeling. Don’t let any other idea come in your mind, no worries in once mind.

Also  when you have finished listening Surah Rehman, start praying with relaxed mind. but only with relaxed mind. keeping in mind that Allah is listening to you and bestowing his blessings.

After that without moving lips say Allah three times in your heart with love and affection in a way that you are asking His help. After that Drink three sips of water from a glass. Open your eyes. You will feel relaxed. Also remember please do not be impatient and don’t get angry at every thing as anger destroys a lot of things.


Remember Allah always listens. Its just the matter of time when he thinks its most suitable for YOU to accept your prayers.

Allah knows all so don't be impatient. Continue praising and asking from Him. As He is the one who bless us all.

Posted On 01/10/2008 00:41:13

EID MUBARAK to All Muslims


May this EID Brings Happiness ad joy for us all now and ever after.


May our Ummah get united and stay united forever.


Enjoy these moments and forget fights and sadness all around you because such moments will never return back


Happy EID




Ramadan Mubarak
Posted On 04/09/2008 00:16:15

RAMADAN MUBARAK to all the muslims

May this month brings joy, happiness for all of us now and ever after.


May we get the courage to support the truth, to walk on the right path, to make our LORD happy.

May ALLAH give Muslim Ummah the courage to face challenges and may we get and remain united for ever.

May ALLAH guide us in all walks of life and may HE help us all.




May Allah help us ameen
Posted On 27/08/2008 01:36:55

Seems an era of Musharraf’s rule has ended.


What we got what we loose, ofcourse that has to be known yet.

But whatever we get and what ever we loose, what effect these have on our life that’s important.


 It was evening time when I reached office and suddenly there were sighs of relief all around. On asking a colleague it was told to me that our president (ex-now) has resigned. And our beloved bosses( so called :p) are celebrating it by distributing sweets all around….


I though it fine right then because I had no interest in their celebrations, neither I was excited to hear that, neither it changed my life. All was same for me. So why should I get happy or sad or what ever.


Every one was celebrating every where, but I didn’t bother to take part in celebration because I had a lot of work to do.


All were thinking may be that all will become fine now, I even didn’t bother about that.


Then two days past and all was well. One day I was in a shop and one of the ladies there asked the shop keeper ‘ You said all prices will go down when Musharraf will go but still you are selling at the same rate’. Oh! I thought people were so frustrated because of him that they even promise things that they even didn’t know would be possible or not.


What next we are having power failures for 2 hours after every 2 hours now, previously it was not like that.


So if our life style is getting worse day by day what is the advantage of this government or any government?

This question puzzles me.


What is the advantage of strong economy or great revenue if a common men is not able to meet the basic necessities of life by his earning.


What is the use of any such government? What are they for?


Yes they are here for to have the leadership of this country of innocent people.

To make them fools because people are so innocent here that they get easily trapped in these leader’s false hopes.


They should soon realize that other wise they should fear Allah’s justice, getting cursed by so many people.


May Allah bless us all and help our beloved country and its people and save us from these stupid leaders. Ameen

Posted On 24/08/2008 09:43:13

Have you ever thought why a person commits suicide????


Ofcourse not , why should we think of that?

May be you start thinking about it right now and may be the only answer in your mind will be that he or she is not bold enough to face the challenges of this world.


But have you evr thought that you could be the reason of a suicide, that means you could be a murderer.

Well a person who commits suicide is not a coward but think it this way that may be all of us have turned our faces away from him, he don't find any way out. Thats why he might have commited suicide.

So never turn your face from any one, you might become a killer by doing so.....


Be patriotic
Posted On 15/08/2008 00:02:00

Lets celebrate every day as our independence, lets move forward towards our success, towards our country's success.

Lets be united, strong,compitent and truthful.

Lets be true Pakistani's

BE Patriotic Be Pakistani.

Happy Independence....





Birthday Boy Saim
Posted On 10/07/2008 00:20:46

Dear Bro Saim,




May you see many more birthdays of you life...






Ash Appi

Posted On 03/07/2008 06:10:41

When life doesn’t treat you fairly, what would you do????

You may think for a moment before responding or may be you will start complaining about all the hardships you have faced till now.

But have you ever thought about those people who can’t express their emotions in the form of words.


Words…. That can change ones life, make ones life wonderful or in the  same way can destroy ones life.


Yes, the power of words can never be neglected.


Emotions without words is like a pond in a dessert with no water or a heaven with all beautiful stuff made of plastic.


You can ask those people the importance of words who can’t speak. Ask them what they can give to speak one single word…


So express your emotions with words before its too late, and always use this treasure of words with care.


Because words once spoken can never be returned….

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