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the tiny lil creatures
Posted On 05/08/2009 11:55:23 by Alishh

when house get the power back and it turned on the lights....

and you are trying to close the curtains of window you sat by

.... accidently you feel that a tiny edgy kinda thing strike to

your right foot and you it.

After entering in your room, you see a lil creature sticky to your right foot.

when you put that on your figure then you get to know....

Man!!! It's termite..... it took a bite of Me.....

.....even though i am not kinda woody Yuk!!!

then with anger you throw it down. After examining the foot you notice that part is swelling.

O GOd ..why didn't i kill it, If it again get stick to my foot

Moral: What i've learnt from this

  • Don't try to Walk barefooted especially in this rainy session, beacuse any kinda creature can take your bite to check that how you taste.

  • Even Termite is not friendly to me


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