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Posted On 17/04/2010 09:40:22

Loneliness emptyness all around
Where is the way in darkness,
ray of light is far away
i want to reach
OHHH my GOD im not able 2 catch
going down in a dark tunnel
there is no way no exit
loneliness kills it's hell
mind is not working what to do
speachless looking in sky
Sky with out moon with out star Looks like
Black Ocean full of darkness, no light no way Ahead !!


All Alone
Posted On 17/04/2010 09:25:02


Looking out the window,
I see cloudy skies,
Not a single star shines.

A cold air blows,
Sends chills upon my spine.
I see lights from a distance
Creating shadows.
 I stand by my window
Awaiting alone All Alone !!

Do I miss you..?
Posted On 17/12/2008 06:06:48

    Do I miss you? I don't know
But Im missing your lovely smile
When my heart is hurt & tears flow down
Its not here today to comfort me
Do I miss you? I don't know
But Im missing your warm cuddle
When I feel lonely & need your arms
Suddenly I realise ; You are far away
Do I miss you? I don't know
But Im missing the life we shared
Morning walks along the country roads
Evenings by the golden beaches
Do I miss you? I don't know
But Im missing your tendre love
Every minute we have spent together
I cherish in my heart with all my love
Do I miss u??? Yes i do...........!!

Message from an humble pencil..!!
Posted On 10/02/2008 07:51:11
Message from an humble pencil

5 important lessons to learn from a humble pencil.

1. It tells you that everything you do will always leave a Mark .
2. You can always correct the mistake you make
3. The important thing in life is what you are from inside and not from out side

4. In life you will undergo
painful sharpening which will make you better in whatever you do ..
5. Finally, to be the best you can be, you must allow yourself to be held and guided by the hand that holds you....!!


Sitting Next To Lonely....
Posted On 14/01/2008 14:05:08



Sitting next to lonely
Just wondering what to do
Could it be that you
Are sitting right there too

Perhaps we set our destiny
Then when time has waned
We will somehow realize
Nothing ventured is ever gained

Must put out your hand in need
Let others know you care
Show some recognition
That they are also there

Some people are so lonely
And don't know how to even start
They don't know the beginning
Is showing you have heart

People sit with frowns much
When one looks at their faces
Makes you want to run away
Get in some other's graces

Doesn't hurt to nod your head
Or say a little 'Hi'
You never know, for you could change
Life for someone who won't try

Some say they never learned it
Well shame on life I'd say
It should be like A, B, C's
And learned like all I'd say

What a different world would be
If at least once in a while
We would dress to meet the day
And not forget the smile

Think of some happy time
Surely there must be
You could even try a smile
Cause you are meeting me

Friends are only people
Try not to forget
They are only folks today
Try not to regret

Make sure tomorrow is a day
You make a genuine try
To find someone you didn't know
What a beautiful surprise

Times are busy, we are scared
To show a stranger kindness
Sometimes we pass the best of friends
By merely showing blindness

Well, sitting here next to lonely
It seems I know what it takes
Maybe even tomorrow I will try
To greet a soul that breaks

To reach a waiting hand out
To someone so sad and blue
You never know, no, never know
It could be me or could be you

Life is precious let's not waste
The joy's ahead God sends
The joys are there - just pick one
As it flies by in the gentle wind

Posted On 14/01/2008 13:43:45

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True friends
Will always stay with you
Through the good times
And the bad
They always have,
the time to listen
When something’s
Made you sad

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Are like a ray of sunshine
When grey sometimes,
cloud our days
Just the magic of their company
Can brighten up
Our day

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They help guide us through
The bad times
They wipe away
The tears we’ve cried
A true and loving friend
Is always
By our side

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When happiness eludes us
And everything is going wrong
They walk with us each mile
Even though the road
Is hard and long

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They walk with us
Along life’s path
Every step of the way
And when our loads are heavy
They will carry half for you
That’s just what
Friends do

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Good friends
Will be in our futures
Just like they were in our past
Friends joined by hearts
Are friendships meant
To last

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You will share special moments
Throughout the years
Some days will be filled,
with laughter
Some days will be,
filled with tears

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They will share in your,
And your failures too
Whatever you are going through
Your friends are there for you

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If you need a hand
Just reach out
And they are there
Reaching out their hand to you
To let you know
They care

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They try and cheer us up
When we are feeling blue
They are always there to help us
With whatever we are going

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They do their best to understand us
Never judge us when were wrong
They’re always there to pick us up
If ever we should

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We can call on them
In the middle of the night
They never scream or yell
They just ask if were

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You know that they will answer
Because they made a promise
To you
They said they’d always answer
If we knocked upon their door
Or called them up by phone
They would always answer both
Cause that’s what friends
Are for

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Is more valuable Friendship is a priceless gift
It can’t be bought or sold
A true and lasting friendship

Than gold

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Some friends live close by
And some
Are far away
But friends are joined by hearts
So they’re never far

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They can’t ease our aching hearts
They can’t take our pain away
But they can stand beside you
Letting you know one day
It will be okay

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They listen when we talk
They often dry our tears
And they will stand by us
As we face our fears

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Friends are like Angels
They are always around
They are there to pick us up
When we have fallen down

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Friends are like Angels
Without any wings
They bless our lives
With the love and joy
They bring

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Friends are like flowers
To make the friendship blossom
And grow
We must tend to them
With love and care
So the friendship
Continues to grow

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Posted On 14/01/2008 12:49:50




Ajanabi rastao per
paidal chalen
kuch na khen......

ApnaI ApnaI Tanhaiyan liye

savaalo ke dayaron se inaklakar
irvaajo ki sarhadon se pare
hum yun hi sath chalte rahen
kuch  na khen
chalo door tak..

tuma apne maaji ka
koi jiker na chedo
main bhooli hui
koi nazm na dohrau
tum kon ho
main kya hoo
in sab baton ko
bas rehne den

chalo door tak
in sab baton ko
bas rehne den....

chalo  door tak
Ajanabi raston per paidal cale...



Life Paints A picture...
Posted On 12/01/2008 22:28:31

Everyone's life is a picture,
Painted by only one person,

Life itself.
The picture shows everything you're doing,

And everything you have done.
But sometimes, Life gets tired.

And doesn't want to paint a picture.
So, Life sends problems to stop you,

If you give up, your picture is finished.
If you keep going, so does your picture.

So the question is:
How soon do you want to see your picture?

Do you want to see it now?
When it could be so much more?

Or later, when there's so much more than before?
It's your choice,I'll keep going.


Ek Zindgi
Posted On 12/01/2008 22:19:47
          Ek Zindagi
Duniya ki is bheed me
Lafzon ke bazaar me
Kwaabon ka dastak
Khwahishon ka kehakasha
Ashrafiyon ke khalbhali ke beech
Vyapaar ka  lagataar shor
Jung aur jeet ka hahakaar
Mazhabon ki atoot cheek
Rishton ke aad me
Kuch khilkariya
Kuch dhadkan
Kuch junoon
Kuch bandhan
Kuch kashmakash
Kuch siskiya
Chand saanse
Phir Khamoshi.

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