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Posted On 14/01/2011 09:05:40 by pooja_gupta

raah aasaan ho gaii hogii jaan pahachaan ho gaii hogii phir palat kar nigaah nahiin aaii tujh pe qurabaan ho gaii hogii terii zulfon ko chheddtii thii sabaa Khud pareshaan ho gaii hogii maut se tere dard_mandon kii mushkil aasaan ho gaii hogii un se bhii chhiin loge yaad apanii jin kaa imaan ho gaii hogii dil kii taskiin puuchhate hain aap haan merii jaan ho gaii hogii marane vaalo pe hairat kyon maut aasaan ho gaii hogii

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nkut pe koi nhi ata :(
Posted On 01/01/2011 05:34:00 by JHANKAR

Kabhi Kisi Se Pyaar Mat Karna
Ho Jaaye To Inkaar Mat Karna
Nibha Sako To Chalna Uski Raah Par
Varna Kisi Ki Zindagi Barbaad Mat Karna…

Adnan Ali

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my message for alz
Posted On 26/08/2010 03:49:03 by ari2012
Kavi - kavi aansu muskurahat se jyada special hoti hai , BECOZ smile to sab k liye hoti hai , magar aansu sirf unke liye hoti jinhe hum khona nahi chahte.... Read More

its my INDIA
Posted On 11/08/2010 04:32:39 by peacelover

now a days we are preparing for comman wealth games by neglecting the common needs of a common man and strange is that we are calling it development ... wow ! wat a development on one hand multinational companies are opening their ventures here and earning a huge profits hundreads of new shopping mall are opening but this developement is only for those who have black money but wat for poor...........................?

ya wat for poor...............?

 for poors only and only pr... Read More

One Girl
Posted On 04/08/2010 07:19:24 by Silvermist
One Girl

One girl looking out her window
One boy walking down the street
He didn't know it at the time
But when she saw him her heart skipped a beat.

One girl playing outside
One boy doing the same
He didn't know it at the time
But she wanted to find out his name.

One girl getting hurt by many b... Read More

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