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he is not leaving
Posted On 10/02/2011 15:09:19 by The_Hurricane

he is not leaving 

is that real ????

its a nightmare 

ya Allah give me patience 

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One fine day
Posted On 10/02/2011 14:24:00 by The_Hurricane

All days are fine 

its a very big mistake to curse time while we are the bad guys 

any how today I saw the first protest passing by the main street that I can see from my varanda 

I was so excited 

I wanted to shout against Mubarak with them 

but u know I am so shy to do so ;)

right now we are waiting for Mubarak speech 

it was supposed to be aired 20 minutes before now 

waiting waiting waiting 

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Posted On 06/02/2011 02:03:20 by YusufSufyan

If v treat her nice she says “yaar mujhe line de raha hai”
If v dont she says “kitna akarta hai”
If v dress nicely she says “mujhe impress karna chahta hai”
If v dont she says “tasteless hai yaar”
If v argue with her she says “ziddi hai”
If v sit quietly she says “dumb hai”
If v act smarter she’ll lose her brain as u r insulting her
If she acts smarter she thinks its her right
If v dont love her she says “is ka to pehle s... Read More

Posted On 06/02/2011 01:41:41 by YusufSufyan

Mujhe dard e ishq ka mazaa maloom hai,
Dard e dil ki inteha maloom hai,
Zindagi bhar muskurane ki dua naa dena,
Mujhe pal bhar muskurane ki sazaa maloom hai..

Bicher jana tu os k liye maenay nahin rakhta,
Jafaon ka apni hissab wo zabani nahin rakhta,
Rota nahin ya osay rona nahin aata,
Sungdil hai ya phir aankhon mein pani nahin rakhta….

Aashna hotey huay bhi aashna koi nahin
Jantey hain sab mujhy pehchanta koi nahin
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Posted On 30/01/2011 03:52:27 by ReshmaParveen

Islam is the  most popular faith in the world with over a Billion adherents.


Those who follow Islam are called Muslims.


Islam is now very strong in Asia, and is growing everywhere else in the world.


There are over 120 million muslims in Indonisia making it the largest islamic country. There are 6 million Muslims in the USA and 3 million Muslims in Britain, making it the second most popular faith in... Read More

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