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Category: Family & Home
Type: Public
Created: Dec 29, 2007
Members: 13
Views: 1032
Location: N.T.P.C, Ramagundam, [A.P] , India
Group Creator:
rajkumar OFFLINE
be HAPPY to be ALONE to be HAPPY..

Alone I drift away,
Alone I walk a thousand miles,
Alone I fall asleep,
Alone I stare at the sky,
Alone I sit under a tree,
Alone I cry.

Alone I dream of you,
Alone I hope and pray,
to God who is oh so merciful and powerful
to let me find my way.

Alone I drift away,
Alone I live today,
and Alone I'll die someday.


This Trauma Is Colder then life,But Then Where Would It End .. =(

This rupture brought by your Knife Of Loving Sins.Precocious With Life, Yet So Internally Lost Within.
Your hate Seeps Eternally On a Ahin Veil Of Skin.

I'm Sad, .. Sad Like Butterflies Pinned To Cardboard Boxes.Sad Like Books With Torn pages, Ocean Shores Empty of Bathers.

I Am Sad Like Unfinished Stories ..=(

Where Would I go With All This, yet To live Alone!

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