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Posted On 15/06/2009 01:01:10 by detectiveash

I and most of us think that Allah never answers our prayers.

How many of us will say it's not true. May be all believers will say that. But you ever thought that you or anyone in many problems of life must have said that...

Think about it.


I myself said it several times. How much un forgetful we are. We never consider what we are blessed with, and always trying to get better, we are so impatient. We always think about Allah when we need something and we want it fast. If we don't get it( which is not true because sooner or later Allah listens to our prayers and has something wonderful for us) we get hyper and impatient.


Always remember that patience is necessary in prayers.

Anger vanishes our prayers and good deeds. Don't be angry after you have prayed for something ever..

Now look how wrong have I mentioned. It should be like don't be angry EVER.



So we were talking about Du’a

I came to a lot of conclusions and methods of how to offer Du’a in a respectable manner during my search.

In my opinion its most important to make Du’a after every Namaz. In this manner we would also have a habit of offering prayers and never leaving it just for once.

Secondly after reading Quran. A short Du’a must also be done after that. Since our lives are so busy and we do not have much time. It is not necessary to make a long Du’a after every Namaz. A short but everyday Du’a might work.

Apart from that there must be a long Du’a but for that one need to be alone and free from any tension. The best time I think for such Du’a is the time of Tahajjud Prayers.


Let me share the ways I have came through while searching for ways of doing Du’a. Also let me tell the way in which we are praying is important in the sense that you must have ajz-o-inkisari, asking for forgiveness and praying in a respectful way. If these points are fulfilled no matter what way you opt for your Du’a, it would be fulfilled on its time. Its just trust that you had to have on Allah.


Short Du’a:


After every namaz


   1. Prostrate youself as in the manner of Sudjood (i.e. with your forehead on the ground)

   2. Say “Subhaan Allah” (Glory be to God)

   3. Invoke blessings on the Prophet (SAW) by saying “Salalaho Alai Muhammad” (Peace be upon Muhammad)

   4. Then say “Astaghfir Ul Allah” (Allah Forgive Me) ten times

   5. Then make your Du’a

   6. And finally say Ameen, Alhamdulillahir Rabbil Alameen


Long Du’a


The other way for prayer is a little bit different. One has to sit in a quiet place and focus on nothing. Keep your mind blank.

When you are relaxed and nothing is in your mind focus that you are present in Allah Bargah and he is bestowing his blessings upon you. Stay with this feeling and start listening to Surah Rehman

with the same feeling. Don’t let any other idea come in your mind, no worries in once mind.

Also  when you have finished listening Surah Rehman, start praying with relaxed mind. but only with relaxed mind. keeping in mind that Allah is listening to you and bestowing his blessings.

After that without moving lips say Allah three times in your heart with love and affection in a way that you are asking His help. After that Drink three sips of water from a glass. Open your eyes. You will feel relaxed. Also remember please do not be impatient and don’t get angry at every thing as anger destroys a lot of things.


Remember Allah always listens. Its just the matter of time when he thinks its most suitable for YOU to accept your prayers.

Allah knows all so don't be impatient. Continue praising and asking from Him. As He is the one who bless us all.


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