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my mom
Posted On 08/12/2008 01:50:48 by Yes_Kay_Vee

There she lay in the midst of smiles
The queen of my heart
Princess of purity
Angel of adoration
& a lady of love
She's the one who lights up my life
She's the one who brings up my sun(brightness)
She takes away all my pains..
with the soothing words her heart could say
She turns each of my tears
To the rain of happiness falling in my life
She raises me each time
From the depths of sorrows I fall in
She shows me what love is
When I see all hatred surrounding me
She scolds me when I go wrong
Placing me in the right path of my life
She holds my hands so firm & strong
When the fears of mine tremble them
she understands me so damn well,
Making my dreams & wishes all real..

she's the lady,my heart adores
& she's the lady,my heart admires
She's the one who inspires me
in everything I do & everywhere I go
she does everything so clean & keen
I wonder how she's a perfect woman!
My heart always wishes to say her few words
that "I LOVE U MOM for all my life"
My heart always wishes to thank her
to bring me into this loving world

Thank u MOM for everything
I owe a lot for the joy u bring


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08/12/2008 03:36:09


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