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May Allah help us ameen
Posted On 27/08/2008 01:36:55 by detectiveash

Seems an era of Musharraf’s rule has ended.


What we got what we loose, ofcourse that has to be known yet.

But whatever we get and what ever we loose, what effect these have on our life that’s important.


 It was evening time when I reached office and suddenly there were sighs of relief all around. On asking a colleague it was told to me that our president (ex-now) has resigned. And our beloved bosses( so called :p) are celebrating it by distributing sweets all around….


I though it fine right then because I had no interest in their celebrations, neither I was excited to hear that, neither it changed my life. All was same for me. So why should I get happy or sad or what ever.


Every one was celebrating every where, but I didn’t bother to take part in celebration because I had a lot of work to do.


All were thinking may be that all will become fine now, I even didn’t bother about that.


Then two days past and all was well. One day I was in a shop and one of the ladies there asked the shop keeper ‘ You said all prices will go down when Musharraf will go but still you are selling at the same rate’. Oh! I thought people were so frustrated because of him that they even promise things that they even didn’t know would be possible or not.


What next we are having power failures for 2 hours after every 2 hours now, previously it was not like that.


So if our life style is getting worse day by day what is the advantage of this government or any government?

This question puzzles me.


What is the advantage of strong economy or great revenue if a common men is not able to meet the basic necessities of life by his earning.


What is the use of any such government? What are they for?


Yes they are here for to have the leadership of this country of innocent people.

To make them fools because people are so innocent here that they get easily trapped in these leader’s false hopes.


They should soon realize that other wise they should fear Allah’s justice, getting cursed by so many people.


May Allah bless us all and help our beloved country and its people and save us from these stupid leaders. Ameen


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