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Posted On 11/04/2008 07:26:40 by spiritualguy
I was there on
window seat,
I prayed, I wished, the seat next to me
May be occupied by a
girl, a beautiful one
Sometimes God is too pleased with you,
You get more
than what you ask for,
I realized this when a great beauty entered the
My wish, my prayer picked their peak with multiple pleases to God
was kind, he heard me,
And there she was just beside me.
You can’t ask for
anything more, it is crime.

Honey dipped lips, dazzling face with locks
like running water
Oh dear just look at her eyes,
I am lost, Can I believe
Is she sitting with me?
Why so, thanks God you are so merciful.
heart pounced; it had got more than enough,
You can’t ask for anything more,
it is crime.
Really I mean it when I say it.

For two hours, it was
tour of heaven,
I wished I could ask her name and could tell her mine,
heart melted at each attempt
Dear I was lost, totally
Really I mean it
when I say it.

The ecstasy casted spell on me,
There was turmoil in my
I wished I could see her smile, but she was gone
I do not know her
name nor where she lived,
How can I ever meet her again?
I was desperate,
I was restless, I was lost
But why so? I realized I love her!
Yes, really
I mean it when I say it.

Love is God and God is love,
He had to help
And her bag flashed my mind,
The company name, I could see it,
could read it, it was there,
Printed in yellow on black base.

I got
her and showered her,
With all feeling and emotions which I never dared
I was brave enough, I could feel it
And realize it, she was
Really I mean it when I say it.
She was so happy, totally
The time was great, every night mobile rang,
It’s bell had
been never so sweet
And her voice,
Oh God, I am lost, totally,
realized that I love her, even more than ever before,
More than myself, more
than anything in the world.

One day on phone, I told my wish,
I wish I
could see your smile,
She was quiet, serious, very serious,
I could hear
her tears flow,
She asked me to make a promise,
I would never leave
Yes, yes she is mine,
Thank you God I can’t ask for anything more, it
is crime.

Can you believe it, I had a date?
I met her, She was so
I was in the garden that too in the heaven,
Seconds seemed like
years, when would she smile?
My heart was melting away,
It flowed like
river, jumped and danced like anything,
I touched her hand,
Oh, Could
anything be so silky, so soft, so pleasing.
I looked in her eyes; I was lost,
I said I love her, more than myself,
More than anything in the
Really I mean it when I say it.

And then she gave me a
Oh Dear, mountains rocked into pieces,
Cool breeze morphed to
thunder storm,
I couldn’t look at her,
I stood at once, I hate
Really I mean it when I say it.

I hate her, but not more than
God, you are so unkind so cruel,
How could you do this to
And how could you do this to her?
I wished, I had never met
And wish to never meet her again,
Oh dear so ugly when she
Really I mean it when I say it,
Her teeth were rotten, almost
clearing away,
And her gums, swollen full with push.

I hate myself,
more than anything in world,
I hate myself, because I loved her,
I hate
myself because I would never love anybody again
I hate myself, more because I
broke her heart,
And even more because she would never smile

Love lies in the eyes of the perceiver,
It lies there in the
And it is pure, more than anything in the world
Really I mean it
when I say it.
God Please punish me,
I never really meant it when I said
And I promise I would never say again that
Really I mean it when I say


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17/04/2008 00:08:05
 good one dost ji


11/04/2008 10:14:19
ha khooob hai yaaaaaaaaara


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