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Sitting Next To Lonely....
Posted On 14/01/2008 14:05:08 by jags_123



Sitting next to lonely
Just wondering what to do
Could it be that you
Are sitting right there too

Perhaps we set our destiny
Then when time has waned
We will somehow realize
Nothing ventured is ever gained

Must put out your hand in need
Let others know you care
Show some recognition
That they are also there

Some people are so lonely
And don't know how to even start
They don't know the beginning
Is showing you have heart

People sit with frowns much
When one looks at their faces
Makes you want to run away
Get in some other's graces

Doesn't hurt to nod your head
Or say a little 'Hi'
You never know, for you could change
Life for someone who won't try

Some say they never learned it
Well shame on life I'd say
It should be like A, B, C's
And learned like all I'd say

What a different world would be
If at least once in a while
We would dress to meet the day
And not forget the smile

Think of some happy time
Surely there must be
You could even try a smile
Cause you are meeting me

Friends are only people
Try not to forget
They are only folks today
Try not to regret

Make sure tomorrow is a day
You make a genuine try
To find someone you didn't know
What a beautiful surprise

Times are busy, we are scared
To show a stranger kindness
Sometimes we pass the best of friends
By merely showing blindness

Well, sitting here next to lonely
It seems I know what it takes
Maybe even tomorrow I will try
To greet a soul that breaks

To reach a waiting hand out
To someone so sad and blue
You never know, no, never know
It could be me or could be you

Life is precious let's not waste
The joy's ahead God sends
The joys are there - just pick one
As it flies by in the gentle wind


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14/01/2008 18:21:16
wow wow wow jagi very nice...loving u


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