Subject: Quick Fix
Content: Don't have a spoon? [img] [/img] Seatbelt broken? Belted by the neck. [img] [/img] New TV too big for the old cabinet? [img] [/img] No bottle opener? [img] [/img] Room too dark? [img] [/img] Electrical problem? [img] [/img] Car stereo stolen? [img] [/img] Bookshelf cracking under the weight? [img] [/img] No ice chest? [img] [/img] Can't read the ATM screen? [img] [/img] Car imported from the wrong country? [img] [/img] Satellite go out in the rain? [img] [/img] No coffee warmer? [img] [/img] Wiper motor burned out? [img] [/img] What the ????? [img] [/img] Display rack falling over? [img] [/img] Desk overloaded? [img] [/img] Exhaust pipe dragging? [img] [/img] Cables falling behind the desk? [img] [/img]